The Bible is filled with promises—promises of what Jesus is doing and will do in the lives of his people. It promises, for example: 

➢ That Jesus is always with us. No matter where we are, we are never alone. 

➢ That Jesus knows our every fear and worry. 

➢ That Jesus has the power to protect us. 

➢ That Jesus has the power to provide for us. 

➢ That Jesus hears our prayers. 

➢ That Jesus loves us.

If Jesus’ bones are buried in a cave somewhere outside of Jerusalem, NONE of these promises can be true. And God’s promises cannot be trusted.

But Jesus’ bones are not buried. His bones, along with the rest of his body, were raised back to life. And he is alive and well this very day. 

So, he is able to fulfill every promise the Bible makes about him. 

➢ Jesus IS always with you. No matter where you are, you are never alone. 

➢ Jesus knows your every fear and worry—whether it is about a virus or a job or the future of your country. 

➢ Jesus has the power to protect you and provide for you. You need never worry. 

➢ Jesus hears your prayers. Every, single, one. 

➢ Jesus loves you—loves YOU. He loves you more than you could ever imagine. He loves you enough to win forgiveness for your every sin. 

You don’t need to hope he is with you, can protect you, loves you, and forgives you. These are God’s promises. This is a sure and certain hope because Jesus is alive and is perfectly capable of carrying out his promises.