Have you ever been handed a pamphlet from a church or religious organization? Most of them have similar claims and statements: “Are you going to heaven or hell?”, “When was the last time you were in church?”, “Have you prayed today?”. Water of Life will ask you the same questions. We will even encourage you to come to church, ha! However, our church strives to first make a deeper connection with our community. Water of Life is unique because we have a vast array of ministries that branch off of our church. We have Bible studies tailored to different groups of people, multiple classes for children and adults, and events throughout the year for everyone to enjoy and spend time together. 

Even more than that, Water of Life helps support our community with our Lutheran day school, African Chapel and Korean Church. Our school provides a Christian education to children from Pre-K to Kindergarten age. The teachers are full of knowledge to provide a wonderful education as well as a love for their Savior to demonstrate a strong Christian faith. We hope to furnish a great foundation to the families in Las Vegas that can be used to bring children up to be loving, faithful leaders in their community. 

The African Chapel and Korean Church have individual services apart from Water of Life’s services. These services are designed to each reach the African and Korean communities that live in Las Vegas. Each provides unique worship opportunities focused on the culture of the community that they serve. They also bring the opportunity for other cultures to attend and learn from each other. 

By living in Las Vegas, we are surrounded by so many different cultures, communities, beliefs, and ways of life. It is such a blessing to be able to learn from each other and worship the Lord together. Whether you are attending a Bible study, worship service or event at Water of Life, you will have the opportunity to share your life with others as well as learn from others’ way of life. All while being surrounded with the fellowship of fellow believers. I can’t help but think that must be a little taste of heaven while we are still here on earth. 

With open arms and loving hearts, we welcome people of every background. We can’t wait to learn about you and share our faith with you. If there is a way you believe we can help serve our community and reach out to those in need, please feel free to contact us and let us know! We are always open to suggestions! May the Savior’s love be with you always.