Education at Water of Life Lutheran Church

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    Adult Bible Study- Sunday at 9:15am
  • In this class we will be studying idols we never knew we had.

    Important timely subjects to be covered include:
    Success, Technology, Sports, Love, Family, Politics, and more!
    Our study is bringing to light these idols that hide themselves so easily in our homes and hearts, and through God’s guidance and power we’ll get help to avoid worshiping these false gods
    Teen Bible Study- Sunday at 9:15am
  • This Bible study is just for the high-schoolers. Jesus loves you, too! Come study his Word to see just how real his love for you is and how much his Word can have an impact on your life. Topics are chosen especially to be geared and relevant for teens.

    Topics this year will include:  Treasured Bible Portions, Church Membership,
    Divided Kingdom (Babylonian Captivity), and Building Good Relationships With Others.
    Sunday School- Sunday at 9:15am
  • This is our “Christ-Light for Kids” Sunday School.

    We have assembled a dedicated staff of gifted teachers to lead our children through the exciting and challenging truths of God’s Word. The children will learn of Jesus’ love for them as they study selected stories from the Bible, memorize special verses of God’s Word, and learn new songs of praise. All children ages 3-13 years are invited to join us!

    We will be studying lessons in the Old Testament, following the history of the keeping of God’s promise to send our Savior into the world.

    Women's Bible Study
  • This Bible study is just for women taught by women. The class meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:30am.
    All women are invited!

    Studies this year will alternate between “Adventurous Prayer” and “Ladies of Legacy”
    (a study of women of the Bible.)

    For more information, visit the
    Women's Bible Study Page.

    Bible Basics
  • This 13 week introductory Bible study course, taught by Pastor, is a meaningful and inspiring presentation of the truths of the Bible. The class is designed for those who want to learn for the first time what the Bible teaches, as well as those who want a thorough review. 
    This class will:
    • give you an opportunity to see for yourself what the Bible says.
    • equip you with the tools necessary to aid you in future personal study of the Bible.
    • help you grow in your understanding of and relationship to God.
    • leave you with truths and assurances that only Jesus can give!
    There is no cost and no obligation to join the church if you attend. 

    All are welcome!
    Confirmation Class for 7th and 8th Graders
  • The purpose of this class is to strengthen the faith of our youth through a thorough study of God’s Word and to prepare them for meaningful reception of the Lord’s Supper. Confirmation classes meet once a week throughout the nine month school year. Please speak with Pastor about the day and time if you are interested! This will perhaps be the best opportunity these children will have to thoroughly study the truths of God’s Word!

The mission of Sunday School at Water of Life Lutheran Church is to lead children of all ages to our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus; so that through the knowledge of God’s grace and salvation, as found in His Word, and its application in life, the foundation for a life of faith may be laid.

    How will we accomplish this mission?
  • We will: 

    teach Law and Gospel; 

    communicate in each lesson the truth as found in His Word; 

    emphasize the importance of studying God’s Word;

    model what it means to be a Christian;

    lead each child to understand their value as child of God and a member of our church;

    and serve as an outreach arm of Water of Life